Suzhou Molecon New MaterialsSuzhou Molecon New Materials


Molecon (Suzhou) Novel Materials Co. Ltd. is dedicated to the “R&D and industrialization of biodegradable and recyclable polyester materials and other related products”. It independently developed several authorized patented technologies, making it possible to rapidly degrade nano-modified polyester into monomers in aqueous solution with the help of catalysts at ambient temperature and pressure and to polymerize the monomers into new polyesters to recycle and reuse.

This technique is the first in the world. It presented the low cost advantage of recycling economy and solved the pollution problem caused by plastic products. The technological products can be widely used in greenhouse film, agricultural film, packaging film (bottles and cans), etc.

Going forward, the Corporation will pursue technological innovation with the guidance of market demand and be devoted to providing strong technical support to improve people’s living standard.

·  Able to realize 15% to 25% increase of mu yield;

·  Realize greenhouse crop listing one week in advance;

·  Reduce pests and one-third of pesticide dosage effectively;

·  Reduce plant diseases caused by frog and drops;

·  Guarantee stable harvest with obvious mechanical strength;

·  Able to degrade, recycle and reuse .





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